Making A Difference

Episode 11 - Finding Your Voice (Deakin University)

December 30, 2021 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 11 - Finding Your Voice (Deakin University)
Show Notes

This episode produced by journalism students at Deakin University in Melbourne hears from people who are taking a stand to help others and, in some cases, themselves.

We talk to people working on the ground to stop the trade of human trafficking in south-east Asia.

We hear from the victims of online dating scams and their advice on how to avoid the traps.

We also learn about the challenges and successes of people who live with Tourette Syndrome – a neurological disorder that affects one-in-100 children in Australia. 

And there are the ways people are finding their voice to make a statement about fashion, politics, social issues and – in the case of social media influencers – themselves.

Hosts: Curtis Baines and Georgia Dunne

‘Stop The Traffick’ – Reporter: Krsytle Richardson
‘Behind The Screens’ – Reporter: Jessica Fisher
‘The Fashion Statement’ – Reporter: Brandon Davis
‘Living With Tourette Syndrome’ – Reporter: Benjamin Filosi
‘Don’t Fall For It: Online Dating Scams’ – Reporter: Cal Dolan

Audio editor: Christopher Scanlon
Executive Producer: Alison McAdam

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