Making A Difference

Episode 8 - A Need for Change (UNSW)

September 30, 2021 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 8 - A Need for Change (UNSW)
Show Notes

This month, journalism students from the University of NSW brings us stories about wanting change in our society.

We hear from a priest who was welcomed to Australia as a Vietnamese refugee yet still is the target of racial abuse.
There's a visit to Hope House that is providing support for financially disadvantaged pregnant women.
We look behind the movement that is driving change in the world of cinema and why it matters to have more women in front of and behind the camera.

And we speak to a financial coach who is helping people deal with another by-product of the pandemic: personal debt from compulsive over-shopping.

Hosts: Andrena Kandiah and Laura Schofield
'A refugee's story of racism - Reporter: Shayna Correa
'Hope House' - Reporter: Emily Anderson
'Women on film' - Reporter: Kevin Ding
'Treat yourself' - Reporter: Imogen Smith
Audio editors: Peter White and Connie Levett
Executive Producer: Peter White

'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic
'Lost Friend' - Roman Gorielov
'Wake Up' - vitaminsound

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