Making A Difference

Episode 21 - No Place Like Home (Griffith University)

October 29, 2022 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 21 - No Place Like Home (Griffith University)
Show Notes

This episode by journalism students at Griffith University in Queensland tells stories about ‘home’. From campaigns that support people facing housing crisis to acknowledging the importance of feeling at home in your own body. We also investigate the impact of natural disasters on ecosystems - which we like to think of as non-human homes - and there is a tribute to the volunteers who keep our homes safe. They are truly making a difference.

Host: Chanelle Macbeth

'Raise the Rate for Good' - Reporter: Chanelle Macbeth
'Kym's Cycle for Charity' - Reporter: Elizabeth Heseltine
'At Home in Your Own Body' - Reporter: Indio Myles
'The Other 'Homes' Ruined by Floods' - Reporter: Joshua McGuinness
'Local Heroes' - Reporter: Elizabeth Heseltine

Audio editors:
Chanelle Macbeth
Elizabeth Heseltine
Indio Myles
Joshua McGuinness
Bridget Backhaus
Heather Anderson 

Executive Producers:
Heather Anderson
Bridget Backhaus

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