Making A Difference

Episode 19 - Bearing Up (Charles Sturt)

July 28, 2022 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 19 - Bearing Up (Charles Sturt)
Show Notes

This month's episode was produced by journalism students at Charles Sturt University. The range of stories emphasises the challenges right now, particularly for rural and regional communities. If it's not the pandemic, it's the threat of varroa mite and foot and mouth disease. And then there's the damage of months of heavy rainfall. We hear how communities  are dealing with a relentless wave of threats to livelihoods.

Host: Sophie Norris

Bee aware: the varroa destructor mite - Reporter: Cody Mildwater
Foot and mouth threat to agriculture - Reporter: Archie Staines
Farmer wants a worker - Reporter: Tahlia Tranter
Doctor, doctor - come quickly - Reporter: Joseph Richards
Positions vacant - Reporter: Susy Cornford
The great tradie hunt - Reporter: Eden Puriri
Making connections - Reporter: Christian Penny
Filling in the gaps - Reporter: Sophie Norris
Country living, city parking - Reporter: Noah Secomb
Back on track - Reporter: Duck Wilson

Audio editor: Sophie Norris
Executive Producer: Jock Cheetham

More stories from Charles Sturt University:

Opener - 'There Is Only The Unknown Ahead' - GetMusic
Closer - 'Wake Up' - vitaminsound