Making A Difference

Episode 18 - Election Night

June 22, 2022 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 18 - Election Night
Show Notes

Relive election night as journalism students around the country reported on a momentous vote count that saw Labor, led by Anthony Albanese, sweep to power along with a wave of independent candidates. This episode captures the highlights and defining moments from Junction Journalism’s national radio broadcast on election night. 

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Production for this episode:
Aditi Kutty and Naomi Newcombe
Executive Producer: Simon Brady

Election broadcast team

Executive Producers
Aditi Kutty
Diya Khanna

Naomi Newcombe (Deakin University)
Jack Crnjanin (Swinburne University)
Alessandro Rossini (Swinburne University)
Dr Andrew Dodd (University of Melbourne)

Results analysis
Olivia Garra (Deakin University)
Maggie Papas (Swinburne University)
Alessandro Rossini (Swinburne University)
Marilyn Tan (University of Melbourne)

‘Live’ cross producers
Callum McNaught (Deakin University)
Brandon Demura (Swinburne University)

Social media producers
Nueva Mambor (Deakin University)
Stefanie Podsiadly Soto (Deakin University)
Kinta Walsh-Cotton (University of the Sunshine Coast)
Ebony Weston (Swinburne University)

Chelsea Bunting (Deakin University)
Olivia Cleal (University of Sydney)
Sam Devenport (University of Sydney)
Jessica Evensen (Curtin University)
Maddi Green (University of Canberra)
Celeste McDonald (Swinburne University)
Jason Gunst (Deakin University)
Daniel Holmes (University of Sydney)
Liam Jennings (University of Canberra)
Oliver Lane (Curtin University)
Liam Mulhall (University of Canberra)
Sophie Norris (Charles Sturt University)
Verena Power (University of the Sunshine Coast)
Joseph Richards (Charles Sturt University)
Xander Sapsworth-Collins (Curtin University)
Jamie Thannoo (Curtin University)
Adriana Wainstok (University of Sydney)
Hannah Whitehead (Deakin University)

Supervising Executive Producers
Peter Marcato (Swinburne University)
Simon Brady (University of Canberra)

Technical production
Darren McKenzie

Videography and photography
Denby Weller (Swinburne University)

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'So Many Memories' - Myton Music
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