Making A Difference

Episode 17 - Chisholm's Choice (Uni of Melbourne)

May 30, 2022 Junction Journalism
Making A Difference
Episode 17 - Chisholm's Choice (Uni of Melbourne)
Show Notes

In this episode of ‘Making a Difference’,  journalism students from the University of Melbourne report on what was one of the most marginal electorates in the country, Chisholm in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Reporters spoke in-depth with voters throughout the election campaign about the issues that were most important to them.

Climate change, relations with China, Victoria’s COVID response, and house prices were common themes .

The team analyses how Labor took the seat from the Liberal Party on election night.

Host: Thomas Phillips

"Democracy in my hands': First-time voter feeling the privilege and weight - Reporter: Jenny Cai
From isolation to activism: First-time voter hopes political heat will drive climate action - Reporter: Sean Ruse
Frustrated voters could take state grievances to federal ballot box - Reporter: Meghan Dansie
Bus driver father worries how his children will ever afford homes - Reporter: Caitlin Duan
Post-election analysis of what happened in Chisholm - Reporter: Petra Stock

Audio editor: Thomas Phillips
Executive Producer: Louisa Lim

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